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Designing an experiential media event

When Maybelline changed its tagline as part of rebranding to 'Make it Happen', I helped to design an event that would really vibe well with media. 

To start with, we wanted every guest to get quickly up to speed with what the rebrand was about. With that in mind, I developed a concept for a three-part fashion show that included theatrical segments in between to tell the story and get media onside. We were suddenly inside a young girl's room as she taps into positive thinking, casting aside her insecurities and boosting her confidence as she wants to become a famous model. In the final part of the fashion show, you can see her transformed to be the central main star leading on the catwalk. 

We added some excellent brand reveals throughout the event and kept the proceedings pretty relaxed and enjoyable.

At the conclusion, the President of Loreal Indonesia said it was the best brand launch he'd been to and he could not believe how well we understood the brand having only worked with them for two months. 

Not only did the event go well, but our personalised approach to extensive media engagement also paid off. In a year where PR was their sole focus, sales enjoyed a 20 point lift across the business. 

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